name:            Schultz

first name:      Andreas

born:              07.04.1978

height:           1,74m

eyecolor:        greyish green

residence:      Cottbus/Germany

hobbies:         listening to music, composing,

                     playing EgoShooter, movies first of all

                     Horrormovies, books by Stephen King

Favorite          [F/A/V], Cenobita, Boehse Onkelz

Bands  :         Marilyn Manson, Wumpscut, NVMPH,

                     Das Ich, Plastic Assault



Forced Egotrip


Name:      Forced Egotrip,

                forced  adj  1. erzwungen, Zwangs...: ~labour Zwangsarbeit. 2. gezwungen, gequält

                e·go trip s F Egotrip m (Akt geistiger Selbstbefriedigung): be off on an ~ auf e-m

                Egotrip sein.


Members: Forced Egotrip is a solo project.


Style:        Industrial? Hardcore EBM? Electronic Punk?



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Equipment PC with AMD Athlon XP 1800+, 640MB Ram, TerraTec DMX6fire, CD/DVD-Burner


                    Notebook with P4 2,4GHz, 512MB Ram, CD-Burner, M-AUDIO transit USB


                    Mixer Eurorack UB1002 from Behringer


                    Midi Keyboard Controller Edirol PCR 50


                    ESI nEar05 Studio Monitor


                    Sony MiniDisc


                    E-Guitar Cort Solo Series, Zoom 505II Guitar effects



                    Software: FL STUDIO Producer Edition, Fruity Tracks, refx Vanguard (virtual analog softsynth) and a

                                  lots of freeware softsynths



Equipment Commodore Amiga 500 with 1 MB Ram

in the past  2nd Diskdrive

                    about 150 Disks

                    Sequencer Octalyzer (4 Stereo traks)

                    TechnoSoundTurbo Amiga Stereo Sampling Cartridge

                    Mixer Monacor MPX-7700SEV



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1992/1993 - first steps to bring some noises together with my Amiga, I didn't know what a 4/4 beat means and so it sounded

1994 - someone explained me how to make music with the rigth beat and so i composed my first Hardcore-Technotracks

1995 - on 18th Nov 95 I put on records for the first time in a club at school. My name was DJ Freddy. I played a couple of my own tracks. Some guys liked it, wow.

 hard attack  the flyer from 18th Nov 95

1996 - I bought the  TECHNOSOUNDturbo-AmigaStereo Sampling Catridge. The first thing I sampled was the voice of Babylon Zoo in the Song "Spaceman".

I made a lot of new tracks. They became better and better, at first alone, later with a friend called Christian. I gave him the name "Bassthard".

We put on records in a youthclub for a few times. We took our Amigas and played our own tracks, too.

Here you can see some flyers from that time    (just click on the pics)

         boese nachtx-mas ravex-mas rave - limitedx-mas rave - smallboese beats

1997 - I started writing own lyrics and arranged them into my tracks.

1998 - The music production stopped 'cause of my job and girlfriend.

2001 - The seperation from my girlfriend made me writing lyrics and composing again.

Now, the Amiga is old so I've bought some new equipment. And so I make new stuff.