02-apr-06 - only a small update today. i changed the design a little bit.

i want to upload some new mp3s soon. i hope i get along with producing new tracks.

08-jan-05 - and again i participated in the remix-contest on, the track is called "churist churist" and is from the new album "evoke", and again i havn't won, so you can download my version in the downloadarea
05-aug-04 - i've recorded the vocals to the just a tenderness remix,you can download the new version from the downloadarea, for praises and criticism sign the guestbook
28-jun-04 - after a long time i finally wrote a new poem, "der faktor" is about the problem to find out about the feelings for each other, thanks to kathi for the inspiration
26-may-04 - Pics: now you can find a background for your desktop, to download click on the pic to see the full size, then click right and choose "save under..."
12-apr-04 - i participated in the BonePeeler-remix-contest on the track is called "just a tenderness". unfortunately i havn't won but you can find my remix in the downloadarea under "new tracks".
13-feb-04 - Friday, 13th and the first track is available in the downloadarea, "i can not forget" is an old Amigatrack,
26-jan-04 - the German lyrics are also translated into English now and the guestbook finally works
31-dec-03 - finally,here is the Forced Egotrip Website. In future, you will find all interesting facts about my project, here. I hope you like it. Please, send a feedback and sign in the guestbook. Thx. | HOME | NEWS | ME | PICS | LYRICS | DOWNLOADS | CONTACT | LINKS | GUESTBOOK